Are you ready to make more money online than you ever thought possible?

Are you tired of hearing that you just need to promote this offer or that offer in order to get the huge payouts you crave?

Well, the truth is, you don't need more offers - you've got tons of offers! Every affiliate network you join, there are more offers. Clickbank is loaded with offers.

So, what are you missing? Why aren't you making the millions you thought you should be making?

Because you don't have the traffic.

Oh, you have some traffic. You no doubt found out about Adwords, Adcenter, and Facebook traffic. And some people are content to stick with those well-worn paths and grind out a living that way. If that's you, and if you're satisfied with your lifestyle, you don't need to read any further. But if you want more... if you're dying to pull back the curtain on media buying and find out what you've been missing, this is for you...

The dirty secret is, there are massive amounts of little-known traffic sources that the media buying pros tap into every day, that you know nothing about and you have never even tried!

And I'm not talking about remnant foreign bot traffic or $15 per click "Super Premium" traffic. I'm talking about the kind of unexploited traffic you dream about, but you just didn't know where to get it.

For years pro media buyers kept all the best traffic for themselves, but that era is over.

My name is Jim Huntingdon, and I'm ripping the curtain off the last true secret in the online marketing industry... media buying.

Pro media buyers don't want you to know their secret! I've seen countless independent affiliates get discouraged and leave the industry because they weren't making enough money... and 99% of the time it was because they only knew about a handful of traffic sources, and basically relied on only three: Adwords, Adcenter, and Facebook.

Are you ready to explode your sites and offers with high-quality low cost traffic? You need the Traffic Cowboy web app, and you need it now. I created it, and I use it every day. It makes me tons of money!

  Why do independent affiliates almost always rely on Google, Yahoo/MSN, and Facebook for their traffic? For this reason: they are the most well-known and promoted traffic sources, and they have quality.

But guess what... there are many of other incredible traffic sources that you have probably never heard of. The only way you would have heard of them is if you're a pro media buyer, and I'm guessing you're not.

But what are those other traffic sources, and how do you make sense of them?

How do you know which traffic source is right for which offer, and which ones to avoid?

Until now, becoming a competent media buyer usually meant you had to get a job at one of the major media companies and work in their media buying department with other buyers. Alternatively, you might try to find one of the few media buyers who had defected from a major company to make more money working for themselves, and manage to claw some tidbits of information from them. Not easy! No one had any interest in sharing the resources that allow anyone to send thousands of qualified visitors per minute to any webpage or offer instantly.

I've been a professional media buyer since 2004. And honestly, I've never understood why everything was supposed to be some big secret. I've never broken the media buyer's code (until now), but it never sat well with me that only a small group of people know how to pound offers with traffic at their whim, and everybody else had to fight over the last remaining scraps of traffic that could be bid on at Adwords, Adcenter, and Facebook. The PPC prices at those places have gotten completely out of control, and it's no wonder... all the independent affiliates and publishers are working those traffic sources to death!

I had an idea... maybe it's a crazy idea, but I thought it had promise. I thought, what if I could write a web app that could allow anyone to become an expert media buyer right away?

How cool would that be, for anyone to be able to flood their online campaigns with massive amounts of quality targeted traffic!

The only problem was, my media buyer buddies would probably not be happy about it... and I figured they'd been good to me over the years and there was really no reason to upset them. So, there must be a way to compromise...

So, the deal is this: I promised to be careful about how many copies I sell of Traffic Cowboy, my new web-app that turns anyone into an expert media buyer. And after I've sold enough copies, I'm going to evaluate whether to continue selling it or not. So, if you want to get in on this, I'd suggest you buy one of the first 100 copies, where I can fully guarantee that you will be able to order it. After that, it might be available and might not.

For those of you who like Clickbank, here's a screenshot
of my recent Clickbank Paycheck Report...

Here's a PayPal screenshot from 1 Day...

This is a 1-Month Report! Sweet!

Did I mention that I paid off my $1.2 Million home? How many $262,006.50 monthly payouts like the one above would you need in order to pay off your mortgage?

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September 20, 2017. ONLY $29 ONE-TIME CHARGE.
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Traffic Cowboy is Unlike Anything You've Ever Tried!

 No backlinks.

 No SEO.

 No blog spamming.

 No bots.

 No grayhat / blackhat.

 No linkwheels.

 No social bookmarking.

 None of that stuff that never works!

 Nothing shady.

 End your reliance on Adwords, Adcenter, and Facebook Ads!

The bottom line is simple: You need more traffic, and you need the right traffic for your offers!

That's right. That's the difference between a super-affiliate earning hundreds of thousands a month, and you, who's earning peanuts.

The super-affiliate is a super media buyer.

The super affiliate looks at an offer, and instantly his "Rain Man" media buying brain knows what traffic to send, how much to pay, and most important of all - where to get the traffic.

This is the crowning secret that has been kept underground for so long. If you are an excellent media buyer, you don't live or die based on how Adwords or Facebook decides to treat you any given day.

To be clear: Adwords and Facebook are great, but they are only the tip of the iceberg of places to buy quality traffic, if you're a real media buyer.

If your affiliate business model is suffering, I'd bet a million bucks it's your media buying that sucks, and nothing more.

If you stop and think about it, your job as an affiliate marketer is being a media buyer. You are not paid to gather links from affiliate networks, or put those links on your pages. You are not paid to make landing pages. You are paid to send traffic. Media buyers send traffic. And the funny thing about it is, there are so many affiliate marketers (media buyers) who basically only use three sources of traffic: Adwords, Adcenter, and Facebook. That's all they know!

And yet you look at your anemic stats and think if you only knew where to get better traffic, cheaper traffic, more targeted traffic; if you only had the key to the vault that is solid media buying, you would be rich...

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September 20, 2017. ONLY $29 ONE-TIME CHARGE.
No re-billing. Lifetime license!


Sound hard to believe? Well, consider this: Traffic Cowboy has a database containing the super secret places where the expert media buyers buy their traffic, and it is harnessed it to an optimizer that allows you to input a few variables and will generate a results page showing you the perfect media buy list for whatever campaign you want to promote.

How many times has this happened to you? You find a Clickbank offer with high gravity, a huge payout, and a killer landing page. You just know that sucker will convert! You fire up your Adwords account, or your Facebook ads account, and you start sending traffic. For a couple hours everything goes great... and then... Ad disapproval! You got one conversion, and then nothing. And you spent more than you brought in. Epic fail again...

But where are all those other marketers getting their traffic from? All the ones who pushed up the Clickbank gravity so high in the first place? Well, you can go over to a forum and ask around... but do you honestly think the big guys (real media buyers) are going to tell you where they're getting their traffic from?

Hell no, they won't! Why? Why would anybody freely show you their secret "fishing holes" where they catch huge fish all day and go home happy and rich?

Well, their secret is out now!

I've been a professional media buyer for 7 years. I've had great mentors, and I learned my lessons well. But more than that, I've made a ton of money doing what I love, and I've never found any harm in helping someone find their way to more and better traffic. After all, there are literally oceans of great traffic out there, traffic that wants to see your offers now. So, I figure there's enough traffic to go around, and certainly the traffic pool is growing every day anyhow.

I'm not promising that Traffic Cowboy will be open for new registrations forever. In other words, you'd better get yours now before it's too late!

Because it's web-based, Traffic Cowboy works on all operating systems: Windows, Mac, even Linux.

All the best,

Jim Huntingdon


PS: I'm so sure you'll love Traffic Cowboy that I'm backing it will a full-money-back guarantee!

If you're not delighted with Traffic Cowboy, just send me your receipt within 60 days, and I'll refund to you!

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September 20, 2017. ONLY $29 ONE-TIME CHARGE.
No re-billing. Lifetime license!


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